As a trusted Crematorium, demonstrate how you are helping to save the environment

Let us guide and support you to reduce the impact of your crematorium on the environment

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Designed for Crematoria

Specifically designed for both public and private crematoria.


Customers value sustainability

More than ever, the public are expressing their desire for greener funerals, holding a Greener Globe Funeral Award demonstrates your commitment.

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Reducing costs

The Greener Globe Crematorium Sustainability Audit helps you reduce the use of resources, gas, electricity, fuel and water– increasing sustainability and reducing costs.

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Crematoria offer significant environmental opportunity

Statistics from the Cremation Society confirm that in 2022 there were 526,116 cremations, that is just over 79% of UK funerals. Until an alternative to cremation is introduced, continuing to make the current process more sustainable will significantly reduce the impact of the death care sector on the environmental.

Proudly demonstrate you are part of the solution

Over 70% of councils have declared a climate emergency and private crematoria companies are recognising the need to become more sustainable. Crematorium Managers recognise the importance of their role to support the environment. When you adopt a Trusted Crematorium Environmental policy and complete our Sustainability Audit Questionnaire, it will demonstrate to your communities that the culture of your organisation is aligned with theirs.

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  • Designed for all crematoria – both private and public
  • All steps to be more sustainable recognised – from low energy light bulbs to working practice for cremators and grounds maintenance
  • Supports your environmental journey as part of the wider council or company initiatives
  • Developed with input from crematoria experts
  • Straightforward online process

Award levels

Step 1 - Bronze

Adopting an environmental policy is an important first step for any businesses seeking to be more sustainable and qualifies for the Crematorium Bronze Award. If you do not have an environmental policy, adopt our own straightforward Trusted Crematorium Environmental Policy designed especially for you.

Bronze award


Step 1

Adopting and implementing the Trusted Crematoria Environmental Policy

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Step 2 - Complete Sustainability Audit Questionnaire

Completing the Sustainability Audit Questionnaire enables you to quickly examine all parts of your business to identify the areas which are already sustainable and those where further work is required.  The Audit is scored by ISO 14001 qualified auditors resulting in Silver Gold or Platinum Awards.

Silver award


Gold award


Platinum award


Step 3 - Improvement Plan

In addition to receiving your award, you will receive your own bespoke improvement plan to guide you on your journey to lessen the impact of your business on the environment.

Improvement plan flow

Fees for each premises:-

for Funeral Directors and Suppliers £495*

for Crematoria £750*


Register online here

* to include registration, environmental policy submission for the Bronze Award, carry out audit on your completed sustainability questionnaire, receive your own bespoke improvement plan, Award Certificates, Welsh slate plaque for Gold and Platinum Awards. Your award to be listed on our website for all to see. Use of our logo and award on your marketing.

Thereafter annual surveillance fee  - £247.

Smaller additional premises, used for arrangements/sales only - £52 per annum.

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