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Last updated on 9 March 2022


  1. This Cookies Policy applies between you and Green Globe Awards Limited (Company Number 13084870) trading as Greener Globe Funeral Standard and Greener Globe Funeral Awards (“we”, “us”, or “our”).
  2. This Cookies Policy applies when you use the Green Globe Awards website, located at, (“Website”) and describes the types of cookies we use on our Website and how we use them.
  3. A cookie is a small file that’s stored on your computer or device when you visit a website or use a mobile application that uses cookies. We may use several different cookies on our Website, for the purposes of functionality, performance, and social media cookies. Cookies enhance your experience on our Website, as it allows us to recognise you, remember your details and preferences (for example, your log-in details), and provide us with information on when you’ve visited and how you’ve interacted with our Website.
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Most of the cookies we may collect via our Website are essential in providing our service over the internet to you, our users. Without these cookies, certain features won’t be accessible to deliver the Website experience requested by you. We have further categorised the cookies we use below:

Strictly Necessary Cookies

Without these cookies, our Website won’t work or certain features won’t be accessible to you, so it is not possible to turn these cookies off. For example, we may need to remember data you’ve inputted from one page to the next in a single session.

Performance Cookies

Performance cookies collect information about your use of the Website in order for us to provide the services requested by you. We collect information about how you interact with the Website. This information helps us identify patterns of usage on the Website, collect analytics data, identify issues you may have had on the Website and make changes to provide to you the Green Globe Awards experience.

Functional Cookies

We use functional cookies to improve your experience on our Website and make things more convenient for you. These cookies personalise your experience on our Website based on your preferences, by remembering your details such as your login details or region.

Security cookies are a type of functional cookie, which assist with Website and user account security. Load balancing session cookies are used for the duration of the session to distribute user requests across multiple servers to optimise Website speed and capacity. We may also use user interface customisation persistent cookies to store a user’s preferred version of our Website.

Social Media Cookies We also use other technologies on our Website which allow for a more personalised and engaged experience. Social media plug-ins are one such technology – small pieces of software creating a link between your use of the Website and the social media platform of a third party provider – and cookies are placed by many social media plug-ins. Social plug-ins are used if you opt to verify your Green Globe Awards profile via another social media account, providing another level of authentication for other users to see.

3. How long will cookies remain on my device?

The amount of time that a cookie remains on your device depends on the type of cookie – cookies are either “persistent” or “session” cookies. Persistent cookies last until they expire or are deleted, so they may remain on your device for as little as 10 minutes to several years. Session cookies last just for the relevant session.

4. how do third parties use cookies on the APP?

We do not currently use third party analytics cookies to collect information about your interaction with the Website.

5. How do I control cookies?

You can opt against the use Social Media Cookies by choosing not to verify your profile against other social media accounts. All other cookies we currently use are for the proper functioning and performance of the Website so it is not possible to turn these cookies off. We may introduce other optional cookies in the future to support targeted advertising, for instance. If we do, we will ask for your consent to use those cookies and you will be able to change your cookies preferences or withdraw your consent at any time.


We may update this Cookies Policy from time to time. When we make changes, we’ll update the “Last updated” date at the top of the Cookies Policy and post it on our Website and website. We encourage you to check back periodically to review this Cookies Policy to ensure that you are aware of our current Cookies Policy.

Fees for each premises:-

for Funeral Directors and Suppliers £495*

for Crematoria £750*


Register online here

* to include registration, environmental policy submission for the Bronze Award, carry out audit on your completed sustainability questionnaire, receive your own bespoke improvement plan, Award Certificates, Welsh slate plaque for Gold and Platinum Awards. Your award to be listed on our website for all to see. Use of our logo and award on your marketing.

Thereafter annual surveillance fee  - £247.

Smaller additional premises, used for arrangements/sales only - £52 per annum.

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